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Terms and Conditions of Use
The Ground Rules

Just like your father told you: If you want to play the game, you have to follow the rules. Our guidelines are very easy to follow, but if you break the rules, you might find yourself sitting on the bench.

Dos and Don'ts when using Responders.com
VERY IMPORTANT: Linking to Responders.com
You may link to Responders.com from your WEBSITE ONLY. You may NOT put a link to Responders.com in any outgoing email broadcast campaign. If you intend to run an email campaign, place a link in the outgoing email to an informative page on your own website, and then link to your Responders.com form from the page(s) on your site. NOTE: Due to the high number of spam abuse complaints we receive, any responder link that is included in an outgoing email campaign will result in immediate account termination.

SPAM Policy
Responders.com takes a no tolerance approach when dealing with spam and other types of UCE (unsolicited commercial email) Responders.com defines spam as any type of unsolicited email used for any purpose. If a subscriber is found in violation of the above no-spam policy, the offending account will be terminated without notice and no refund will be issued. There will also be a $500 fee (payable in U.S. funds) charged to the violator for each complaint received by Responders.com.

To report spam, please email abuse@responders.com

Privacy Policy
Responders.com does not use information entered on its subscriber's forms for anything but statistical and logging purposes. Absolutely, NO response information is released to unknown third parties. Since Responders.com is dedicated to fighting SPAM, it will not use any collected information to help SPAM proliferate on the net. We do occasionally send emails to our subscribers for information regarding our services.

Acceptable Use Policy
You may use Responders.com in any fashion you like that doesn't piss us off.

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