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Accessing Your Control Panel

Sample Access Box

This box will appear on your form
if your PC has been properly validated.

How to Access your Control Panel
As of April 2003, Responders.com no longer uses usernames or passwords to access your Form Control Panel. In an effort to improve speed and efficiency, all form settings are now actually embedded in your HTML Link Code, which you may change directly in HTML or with the use of the Form Control Panel.

To access your Form's Control Panel, which will allow you to change your form and autoresponder settings, do the following:

1. Goto your FORM using your Form's HTML Link Code.

2. If your PC has been validated, you should see a red box with the Form Control Panel Button similar to above. If you see this, simply click on the button.

If you do NOT see a red box with a Form Control Panel Button, this means that Responders.com doesn't know you own that form. Simply click on the "Control Panel" link and follow the directions to validate your PC. Then start at step #1 again.

PRO USERS: To bring up the control panel link, submit your form using "control@responders.com" as your email address. This will bring up the menu on at the top and the Control Panel Link.

If you signed up prior to April 2003 and have not yet converted your responder form, please login here using your old username and password to convert your form's HTML Link Code.

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